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MIL-C-26482 Standard S-MCF series


Hermetic Sealing standard S-MCF series (Standard Multi Contact Feedthrough) are available with commercial bayonet style connection on air side and threaded connection on vacuum side.

This standard configuration provides a typical connection, compatible with MIL-C-26482 standard.

Our own special sealing process, with the use of high quality techno polymer as insulator, gives superior electrical insulation and ultra-high vacuum tightness.

The feedthroughs are highly resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks.


Available with 3, 6, 10, 19, 26, 32 and 41 pins upon request and for minimum quantity

Technical specifications:


Compliance: MIL-C-26482

Connections: Bayonet air side, Thread vacuum side

Leak rate: <5x10-10 mbar l/s He

Insulator: PEEK® (Vespel® as option)

Working temperature: -40°C +250°C

Conductors: BeCu gold plated

Shell: AISI 304L

Voltage: 1000 V DC

Current: 7,5 Amp

Conductor diam.: 1 mm

Working temperature UHV connectors: -40°C+250°C

Working temperature AIR/HV connectors: -55°C+125°C

PEEK connectors are high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks.

Gamma and ß radiation resistance (Vespel)




Hermetic Sealing provides industry standard connectors to fit to the air side and own vacuum side connectors to fit to the vacuum side.

Strain reliefs for vacuum side connectors are available.


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