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With over two decades of combined experience in the vacuum industry, Hermetic Sealing focuses his business in developing and manufacturing a new range of vacuum feedthroughs and accessories, serving solutions to the high-tech market and high demanding laboratories around the world.

The flexibility and the dynamicity of the company, combined to our own sealing technology, provides a great value for the customer, and we understand that our success is dependent on the success of our dedicated workforce and our ability to stay ahead of the latest technology.

At Hermetic Sealing, we have the complete control over the manufacturing process and can make safer guarantees to our customers on things like delivery time, quality, consistency of our products and pricing.

Our mission is to be the best choice for joining advanced materials while providing value-added engineering and manufacturing services as an extension to our customer's resources.

Whether you are looking for standard vacuum feedthroughs and connectors or a partner to develop a new custom solution, Hermetic Sealing will be there to support you.

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