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MIL-C-26482 Standard DB-MCF series

  Technical specifications:

Compliance: MIL-C-26482

Connections: Bayonet air side, Bayonet vacuum side

Leak rate UHV: <5x10-10 mbar l/s He

Leak rate HV: <1x10-9 mbar l/s He

Insulator: PEEK® (Vespel® as option)

Working temperature: -40°C +250°C

Conductors: BeCu gold plated

Shell: AISI 304L

Voltage: 1000 V DC

Current: 7,5 Amp

Conductor diam.: 1 mm

Working temperature connector: -55°C+125°C

Very high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks.

Gamma and ß radiation resistance (Vespel)



3 - 6 and 41 pin feedthroughs are made on order and for minimum quantities

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