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High level of performances

Our feedthroughs provide high performances never seen on the market.



Our now patented sealing technology allows a reduction of costs maintaining a high standard of quality.


Fast production

With our qualified production chain we can realize whatever quantity in a short time. You will be surprised!!


Easy mounting

Hermetic Sealing new bayonet/bayonet design assures a fast and accurate connection.


One feedthrough, many applications

With just one feedthrough you can cover a wide range of applications. Up to 3 kV DC pushed in a small space. Unbelievable!


Your job, your life, like us.

Your job is your life, your passion. You have dedicated time, commitment and money, and we know it because it's exactly what we have done. That’s why your satisfaction is important for us. We respect your job.



Because, with us, you can have great benefits without compromise

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